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Ticket, Tax or Talent…Stealing anything is bad

Ticket, Tax or Talent...Stealing anything is bad

Evading tax is a punishable offence

(I)“My god… you are so careless.” “Why what happened?” “You could have taken a half ticket for your son by not revealing his true age!” “What would I get by doing so?” “Oh! You could have saved money.” “How much I would have saved?” “Nearly 100 rupees.” “I don’t want to save money in this way. It is like stealing.” “But why?” “Instead of saving money I have saved my son.” “What do you mean?” “I want to save my child’s moral values. My son knows that he had completed his 3 years two days back and still if I tell he is smaller than three, I will never be able to teach my child to speak the truth. He will learn to lie and will lose trust in me. Without trust, no relationship can survive. You value money and I value moral values.”

(II) Dilip came to the railway station to see off his relatives. When was he way buying platform tickets Deepak said, “Arre ! It’s not required. Do not waste your money.” Dilip answered, “Brother for you it’s a waste of money but I cannot betray my nation by not taking the ticket.”

(III) Smriti was standing in queue at Mumbai central station to buy a ticket of a local train to Virar. Suddenly the train arrived and Smriti boarded it without buying the ticket. On reaching Virar station she purchased a ticket and tore it. She was honest. This country is ours and we should remain loyal towards it.

We do not save money, as many people think, by reusing the unmarked stamp on an envelope, not taking platform tickets, traveling without ticket, traveling in a bus for a few kilometers and getting down without paying, but we are stealing. We are forcing the government to increase the prices of tickets and other commodities.

Ticket, Tax or Talent...Stealing anything is bad
Tax : Being corrupt by hoarding black money, doing business without giving bills, bribing to free oneself from crime committed, to save income tax, sales tax, road tax, getting food items on ration cards of friends and family members and selling it in black. What is all this? It’s equal to begging. By exploiting the poor you commit a sin. Do not cheat the government. Being privileged and still taking the benefits meant for the under privileged like travelling in a ticket issued for a doctor, passing a bill in the name of a government employee who gets free medicines, claiming money by showing oneself diseased, all this is stealing. If you remain honest and work hard to eat then no one will cheat you. No one can free oneself from the fruits of one’s deeds.

Abilities : Not using your abilities and talents for the betterment of land where you recieved your primary schooling, honed youred abilities, strengthened and widened your vision and wings. And then leave your motherland for ever. What is this? It’s betraying your country. It’s not utilizing your talent but selling it. We must follow our duties and responsibilities. We should work towards the progress of our village and city.

By remaining away from our culture in a foreign land we become money minded and selfish. So if possible stay away from settling in a foreign country and even if you have to go at least help (by providing facilities) for the progress of your country. Try to repay your country. Good life is like an open book. Do not steal, be fair uproot corruption through your good deeds – Purify and reinstall our moral values. It is our religious duty to do what we can for our nation. Reduce selfishness in your nature. Be real citizen and nation’s well wisher.

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