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Kamalshri took birth as a dog and monkey

Kamalshri took birth as a dog and monkey
There were two brothers named Shivbhuti and Vasubhuti. Shivbhuti’s wife was attracted towards her husband’s younger brother Vasubhuti and tried to seduce him. Vasubhuti was agitated by her obscenity and thought, “Alas! these passions and attachments claim unworthy demands. I will not surrender myself to them.’’ With the feeling’s of asceticism, he took vows. Kamalshri came to know about this. She still longed him and didn’t confess her verbal and mental sins. Therefore, she had to take birth as a bitch after death.

Once, Vasubhuti muni was on his way for gochari. The bitch saw him and, due to the attachment of previous birth, she followed him like his shadow. People started calling him as Shunipati Maharaj i.e. the muni with a bitch. He felt embarrassed by hearing this and managed to escape from the bitch. The bitch died when she didn’t see the muni and took birth as a monkey in the forest.
When the muni was passing through the forest, she saw him and, due to subtle impressions of attachment of previous births, followed him. People called the muni as Maharaj with a monkey. When people used to say this, she enjoyed it and showed gestures of passions. Once again, the muni managed to escape from her. The lady monkey died and took birth as a swan in a lake.

Once, the muni was in meditation to afflict pain and misery to his body. The swan saw him and spoke ambiguous and indistinct words to express her feeling of suffering from separation and hugged him. The muni was deeply immersed in his meditation. Later on, he escaped from there. She also died when she didn’t find him over there and took birth as a vyantari deity.

With the help of divine knowledge she came to know about her previous relation with the muni. She held him responsible for all her births as he rejected her proposal when he was the younger brother of her husband. She tried to kill him with anger but came to nothing due to the might of his penance. Hence, she began to harass and trouble him in different ways. The muni was firm in his penance and attained kevalgyan. He also narrated to the people the previous births of the deity. She also acquired faith and the muni ultimately attained salvation.

We should learn from this that by nurturing a perverse desire and not confessing, we suffer grave consequences in animal life. If we don’t purify the sins in our life then what shall their consequences be?”

Hence, we should confess to purify ourselves.

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