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Ilachiputra didn’t confess in his previous birth

Ilachiputra didnt confess in his previous birth
There was a brahmin named Agnisharma in Vasantpur town. He took vows along with his wife Priyamati. Their mutual attachment remained as before for which they didn’t confess.

Sadhvi Priyamati had the pride of being a brahmin and was engaged in physical cleanliness which bound her to karmas of having birth in a lower caste. She didn’t confess for the same and was born in heaven after death. The muni also had an attraction towards Priyamati. After death, the soul of Agnisharma took birth as a deity and completing the life there, was born as Ilachiputra at Ilavardhan town. His wife Priyamati was born in a lower caste as a daughter of a rope dancer, as she hadn’t confessed for being proud of her caste in her previous birth. Agnisharma had strong sentiments for his wife. Inspite of being born in a royal family as Ilachiputra, he got obsessed with the rope dancer’s daughter seeing her perform at the street. Without thinking about his family status, he went away with the rope dancer. Therefore, one should become pure by confessing the sins.

Ilachiputra didnt confess in his previous birth
Ilachiputra, once, requested her father, “I have also become a rope dancer. Allow your daughter to marry me.” He replied, “You should acheive a reward from the King, then only I will allow my daughter to marry you.”

Later on, the king was invited at the banks of river Benatat to view their performance. The girl played the drums, while Ilachiputra climbed on the rope. The audience was fascinated by his skill and clapped aloud screaming in joy. The king was fascinated with the lady playing the drums. The king asked him to perform again and again but didn’t give any reward.

Ilachiputra didnt confess in his previous birth
Ilachiputra climbed the rope for the fourth time. Being fascinated with lady rope dancer, the king wished the death of Ilachiputra. While performing on the rope, Ilachiputra’s sight fell on a palace where a newly married lady was offering food to a muni. The muni, who had subdued his senses, didn’t even look at her and refused for the sweets. Seeing this, Ilachiputra developed hatred and disgust towards his passions and a feeling of respect arose for the for muni. The increment of his sentiments resulted into mediation which gained him kevalgyan (omniscience). Deities offered him saint’s robes and bowed at him. Later, Ilachiputra Kevali gave a sermon. The lady dancer also remembered that she had not confessed in her third previous birth as well as in present birth. Recollecting this she regretted heavily & finally acquired kevalgyan.

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