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Loss of beauty

Loss of beauty

वण्णं जरा हरइ नरस्स रायं

O king! Old age destroys man’s beauty

How handsome does a baby look? Without beard, moustaches, worry, sadness, cruelty, fear, deceit, arrogance, simple and innocent behavior, smiling face and muscular body! Crying in a moment and laughing in another.

Then, after passing over the childhood and adolescence comes young age (the youth); what to talk about the beauty of the body at that point? It is at its top! Civility in the speech, depth in discussion, humility in the conduct, intelligence and use of discretion become his hallmark! Striving for the progress of life through practice of virtue, ready for bettering others’ life! Healthy and well built and impressive muscular body! Every endeavor being attractive, every work done with a mix of enthusiasm and fervor!

Then as the age advances, body becomes feeble, weak, hair becomes grey, wrinkles on the face, and anger and irritation appear on every occasion, attack of various diseases, sorrow and worries become part of his life! Thus, old age destroys man’s beauty.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 13/26

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