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Try to understand

Try to understand

संबुज्झह, किं न बुज्झह?
संबोही खलु पेच्च दुल्लहा

Understand ! Why do you not understand? Alter the death acquisition of right knowledge is rare

Experiencing the fruits of their karma, people in this world continue to be born and die in the eight million and four hundred thousand birthplaces. Man would be born as a man cannot be said with certainty.His birthplace is pre-determined according to his karma and to experience the karma he has to unintentionally, take birth in that birthplace only.

A man after the death can be born as a dog, goat, elephant, snake, peacock, parrot, crow, doe or an ant or anything else also. The mind he gets as a human being, he cannot get the similar mind in other birth.

Therefore, wise men say that in this rare human birth, an opportunity to understand the secret of religion is available, then why not attempt to understand? Try to understand.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/2/1/1

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  1. Your Name
    Oct 23, 2020 #

    Sir, there is a typo in the meaning. By mistake it has become alter instead of after .

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