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They are born again

They are born again

माई पमाई पुण एइ गब्भं

Cunning and lethargic are born again

To come in a womb means – to come to life and to come to life means to die one day leaving everything behind or be a part of cycle of birth and death.

This is the punishment of being cunning; this is the result of being unvigilant because one who is deceitful and lethargic, he cannot get liberated. He is stuck in this world.

Fraud and laziness form karma. Deceit is the mother and laziness father. Both give birth to karma bondage. Those who have got tired and exhausted from wandering in this world, they must renounce deceit and carelessness; because cunning and lethargic only are born again.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/1

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