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The poisoned thorn

The poisoned thorn

तम्हा उ वज्जए इत्थी,
विसलित्तं व कंटगं नच्चा

Knowing the woman as a poisoned thorn, a celibate man should keep away from them

It seems nature has favored women. In comparison, their voice is naturally mellower. They have inherited cuckoo’s voice.

Men are attracted towards their makeup, bodily actions, grace, poise, beauty, and absence of moustache and beard. For men-aspirants, these are the most difficult subjects to counter. One who is attracted towards women, he cannot concentrate. He falls behind in pursuit of his aim; he falls from his avowed goal; people do not respect him; earned regard is also lost.

To escape from women attraction, wise men have suggested that celibate aspirants must consider women as a poisoned thorn and discard them.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/4/1/11

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