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Sharing equally

Sharing equally

असंविभागी न हु तस्स मोक्खो

He, who shares not equally, attains not salvation

One who enjoys the available things himself only his pleasures are very much limited. Against this, the man who shares his abundance with others experiences more enjoyment.

It is very easy to talk of sharing but to practice as said is very difficult because we might be called selfish if we give others less and keep more with us. In addition, amongst the friends, if someone were given more and some other less then the one who receives less would feel insulted and become displeased; the receiver would accuse the giver of favoritism.

Therefore, the giver is advised to give everyone equally and keep the same quantity only with him, as much as he has distributed to others. It is immaterial if the giver gets a little less. This attitude will be praised; he will earn respect and regard of his friends. There must be equal distribution amongst friends because man not sharing equally is not liberated.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 6/2/23

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