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Do not talk ill behind someone’s back

Do not talk ill behind someone’s back

पिट्ठिमंसं न खाएज्जा

One should not talk ill of others in their absence

To talk ill of someone behind his back is a sign of cowardice. If our intention is to remove the fault of a man, then we should tell his faults in his presence only so that he can reflect on them and eliminate the same.

To tell someone’s mistake in his presence is an act of bravery; but we should take care to tell him or her in privacy. If we tell the faults before others then it becomes a reason for heart burning criticism. At that moment, instead of our intention to improve him or her, our ill disposition to show off our superiority by insulting their works. This is bad. It is necessary that to improve him, we tell the flawed man of his flaws in a secluded place, in a friendly way. In this way, he may try to relinquish them and improve himself.

Do not talk behind someone’s back in his absence. It should be totally avoided.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/47

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