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Aiemutta Muni

Aiemutta Muni
While the Siddhgiri tirthyatra, while climbing towards Lord Adishwar’s darbar, the third idol is of Aiemutta muni. After being initiated, Aiemutta muni came for alms at the occassion of Devki’s wedding. Jeevyasha, wife of Kansa pleaded him to dance as he was brother of Kansa. By mistake he forecasted, ”On whose marriage you’re happy, her 8th son will make you widow.” Aiemuttha muni went away. Gradually, he attained Kevalgyan and preached ‘Shatrunjay Laghu Kalpa’ before Narad Rishi. Some say that Little Aiemutta muni achieved here salvation. The history depicts the facts in a chronicle way…. Little Prince Aiemutta took initiation. One day seeing water in a pit, he kept his wooden vessel Patra on it and the floating vessel pleased him very much. Clapping hands with other children, Bal Aiemutta muni danced with joy.

Elder saints complained to Lord Mahaveer saying, O Lord ! What does this little saint know about saint hood ? Lord Mahaveer said, O Saints ! Do not accuse him, he will attain Kevalgyan very soon, sooner than all of you !

Chetan ! Overtaking vehicles arrive first. Little Aeimutta Muni doing Iriyavahiya i.e. asking forgiveness for sins, remembered the sin of floating Patra in water and begged forgivings and hence became kevali. He gained salvation on this very spot. Let us say Namo Siddhanam to him.
Chetan ! Nowadays many egoist modern thinkers oppose sainthood in little age but they do not know that sainthood has no connection with age. It is connected with souls purified state. Some aged people cannot abandon tongue tastes where as some young boys have no craze for tastes and tasty sweets. Likes and dislikes have no connection with age. Opposing without any good purpose, God knows, how many little Aeimuttas have been stopped in their midway of metaphysical progress and great achievement.

Chetan ! We cannot change the whole world and its mentality; yet we can change our ownselves. So bowing to great Little Aeimutta saint, promise firmly not to oppose or hear such oppositions. So that no promising star gets any obstacle in shining the wide sky of Jinshashan.

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