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Water is precious

Water is precious

Water is blue gold

There is plenty of water available on planet earth. About 75 percent of the earth is covered with water bodies. Still 98 percent of this water is unfit for drinking as it is saline and needs to be purified. 1 percent is in the form of glaciers, and in the atmosphere in the form of vapours. So less than 1 percent of the water is suitable and available for drinking.

Out of this remaining 1 percent some of the water is underground water. We can estimate that only 0.5 percent of the available water is suitable for drinking. There are over 1 billion (100 crores) people in India of which nearly 17 crores people do not get clean and safe water. Yet we waste crores of litres of water. We keep our taps open even when we are not using the water.

In spite of acute water shortage, Government is diverting water to slaughter houses to increasing production of meat which is evil. The situation is so bad that now we have to pay as much as Rs.15 for a litre of bacteria free water.

“Hence we must realize that every drop of water is precious and start conserving water before it is too late.”

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  2. Rakesh Kumar Jain
    Mar 28, 2014 #

    It’s Truth. Please Save Water Always.

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