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Follow Lord Mahaveer’s teachings…they can save your life

Follow Lord Mahaveers teachings...they can save your life

Follow principles strictly, peace and success will follow automatically

Sudha lived in Madhipur village in Ujjain. She believed in lord Mahaveer’s doctorine like eating before sunset, starting the day with a religious action, serving the saints, performing pratikraman and listening to satsang.

One night she was unwell, she had a cold and a blocked nose, she was very restless and did not sleep well. When she got up in the morning she felt like drinking milk, but since she believed in Lord Mahaveer’s teachings she decided to perform her samayik before drinking milk. When she was doing her samayik, her maid went to the kitchen. As soon as the maid entered the kitchen she smelt something foul and informed Sudha and her husband that the gas was leaking. When Sudha’s husband went to check the gas pipe he found that the rats had bitten it at night.

Follow Lord Mahaveers teachings...they can save your life
Sudha gone into the kitchen she might not have been able to smell the gas and switched on the gas, she could have died because of explosion. She thought, “Today would have been my last day on earth but by following the religious principles taught to me my life has been saved.”

To steady your mind is samayik in which you sit at one place for 48 minutes. Once you enter into samayik, you must not entertain any thoughts about the world activities. Even though it is very difficult you must determine and train your mind.

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  1. Yogitha
    Oct 12, 2020 #

    very nice and very informative…i request u to upload few more related to samayik,swadhyay..

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