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Riches may be or not

Riches may be or not

धणेण किं धम्मधुराहिगारे ?

What is the necessity of riches for drawing religious line? Good-conduct is the only requirement

Through riches, man can do well to others or perform religious activities; but for religion, it is not necessary. Sadhu, saints have renounced home. They do not possess wealth; still they are religious. Why only this? They propagate and preach religion. Use of mind, body and life in the service and help of others can be a necessity for religion, not wealth.

Sometimes, riches become a hindrance to religion. Mahatma Christ had to say that it is possible for a camel to come out of the hole of a needle, but for a wealthy man to cross the door of heaven is not possible. Arrogance born out of wealth first destroys other attributes. In the absence of good conduct, improvement of life is not at all possible.

Wealth is like a double-edged sword for religion, which can be inspiring for an aspirant and hindrance also. In reality, efficacy of religion lies in the pure mental propensity for the improvement of life in the world, whether wealth is there or not.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 14/17

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