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Relinquish sensuality

Relinquish sensuality

कामाणुगिद्धिप्पभवं खु दुक्खं

It can be said with certainty that misery arises due to sensuality.

Where is misery born? It takes birth in the space of desires; on the land of wishes. Where there are desires, wishes for acquiring different objects, how can peace reign there?

Sensuality is very clever in disturbing one’s mental peace. It instigates man to accumulate different varieties of objects. It creates such a delusion in the mind of men that neglecting the real permanent spiritual happiness; they get attracted towards external temporary pleasures. Thus, despite life-long working, even ceaselessly running after them, they are deprived of life’s real happiness.

To such persons wise men say that worries live there, where there are desires, longings, wishes, wants; and where there are worries, misery surely resides there. Therefore, to escape from miseries relinquish desires – sensuality.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 32/16

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