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Pain of a sinner

Pain of a sinner

सकम्मुणा किच्चइ पावकारी

A sinner is distressed because of his own karma only

A thief is alert from all sides. He walks very carefully. He is constantly afraid of being caught red handed and seen by someone. Thus, he is always troubled with the pain of fear. And on being caught he suffers pain of body or going to jail.

A liar also is always fearful of his lie being known and consequent loss of faith in him. A con man, a cheater also is constantly in the grip of fear and trembles at the thought of being exposed.

When an angry man gives pain to others by kicking using his hands, feet or speech, then others also retaliate. In this way, enmity grows and both the sides are disturbed. Anger in itself is no less painful. We see that an angry man’s whole body trembles. Thus, the sinner is distressed due to himself only.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 4/3

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