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Pain creator

Pain creator

सव्वे कामा दुहावहा

All desires are painful

Here, ‘kama’ does not mean deed; it means third type of exertion. In Hindi, it conveys both the meanings. In this maxim, the renunciation of desires is advised and the reason given is painfulness of desires.

Desire for anything is capable in making the mind restless. Until the desires are not fulfilled, they burn out the peace, contentment and happiness like the fire burning inside.

Desire exists for meeting the demands of objects of five senses and even to hear self-praise.

Sense gratification also is satisfying, but it is not everlasting. In comparison to the efforts made and time spent in fulfilling the desires, happiness derived is very much less.

Wise men have declared the essence of their experience – In this world all kinds of desires are pain creator; hence, worth renouncing.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 13/16

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