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Maharshi and restraint

Maharshi and restraint

अणुए नावणए महेसी,
न यावि पूयं, गरिहं च संजए

One who does not get conceited even when venerated and does not feel low when censured; he is restraint, maharshi

Who is maharshi? One who has no pride, no low self esteem. Who is restraint? One who is equi-poised when praised and even when criticized?

Pride is fault; because one who thinks himself as great his progress stops. Others also want to keep away from an arrogant man. Hence, he cannot be friendly with anybody; nor anyone can become friendly with him.

Inferiority is a fault; because one who considers himself low, weak, his improvement or development is also restricted. Such a man is always hopeless and disappointed.

To get irritated at praise or censure is also a fault; because if censure is right then we should get inspiration to improve ourselves, and that is worth following; and if it is wrong then we should overlook that. Likewise, if the praise is for praiseworthy cause then we should progressively try to improve on them and if it is fake then we should neglect that.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 21/20

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