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Live Humbly

Live Humbly

अदीणमणसो चरे

Live with Modesty

Humility is a virtue, but immodesty is a vice. A modest person is always judicious and intelligent. He always behaves humbly before a more learned person so that he can learn from him. The guru lays bare his heart before him. He believes that his disciple will remain obedient and continue to be grateful and serve him throughout his life; he will glorify his name.

Against this, immodest person remains stupid. He always believes that he is worthless. Due to his inferiority complex, he loses all hopes of progress. He does not learn, even if guru wishes to teach him lovingly. He is lazy. He is like unnecessary weight for himself and others. He cannot even stand to admonishments. He is not ashamed of repeated wrongs committed by him. “I cannot do anything!” This thought only pervades his mind.

That is why the learned say that if you want to progress in life, be humble.

-Uttaradhyayana Sutra 2/3

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