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Dutiful and sweet tongued

Dutiful and sweet tongued

पियंकरे पियंवाइ, से सिक्खं लद्धुमरिहइ

Dutiful and sweet tongued is able to learn

If an animal or bird were thirsty, then he would have to go to a pond. Similarly, an inquisitive disciple also would have to go to a guru; but this itself is not sufficient for learning.

Guru likes many disciples but not all of them become learned. Inquisitiveness, humility, service and endeavor are necessary for learning.

One who does all that by which guru is displeased, uses speech which smacks of incivility, then he cannot get any benefit from the guru.

Wise men have said that only that aspirant can be successful who does his duty as liked by guru and speaks mildly – sweetly, full of civility, humility and ear pleasing.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 11/14

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