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One who does whatever he says

One who does whatever he says

करणसच्चे वट्टमाणे जीवे
जहावाई तहाकारी या वि भवइ

An ideal man does as he says

The one who does not commit sins himself; neither has them done through others, nor approve of them, he is an ideal man. Such a gentleman’s behavior is pure and true. There is identity of purpose in his action of mind, speech and body.

An evil man’s conduct is not as per his speech and his speech is not as per his thinking. He says something and does something else. Who will believe such a man?

Conversely, all believe in gentlemen; because they do, whatever they say. In other words, ‘they do what they say’.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 26/51

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