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Annihilation of attachment and aversion

Annihilation of attachment and aversion

रागस्स दोसस्स य संखएणं
एगंतसोक्खं समुवेइ मोक्खं

With the annihilation of attachment and aversion, living beings attain total happiness

Attachment makes us cry and aversion makes others cry. Who likes crying? None, then why should making others cry be liked? Life’s success is inherent in laughing i.e. being happy and sharing the happiness with others.

On this path of life’s success, attachment and aversions are the leading obstacles, removal of them is necessary. Due to attachment, we do not see our mistakes, and due to aversion, we are not able to see others’ attributes. That is why, because of attachment, we are not able to rectify ourselves and because of aversion, we are unable to learn from others.

That is why we should do our best to eliminate attachment and aversion as much as we can. Annihilation of attachment can give us moksha where there is total happiness i.e. all round happiness, eternal happiness; completely devoid of distress! Won’t we strive for this?

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 32/2

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