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Soul and body

Soul and body

ओ जीवो अं सरीरं

Soul is different, body different

‘I‘ denotes soul or soul and body. Therefore, some people when they say ‘I am blind’; they believe senses only as soul. Some people say, ‘I am runninq’, ‘I am sick’, I am washing clothes’, ’I am bathing’, etc. and on this basis they believe body only as the soul.

Some people use, ‘I understand, ‘I know’, ‘I recognize’ and believe intelligence only as the soul. Yet few more, based on ‘I think’, ‘I believe’, etc. believe mind only as the soul.

However in reality, the one who experiences ‘I am and I exist’ only is the soul; not the senses, body or mind. Otherwise, who is the one who uses – my senses, my body, my intelligence, my mind?

The knowledge of this separation of the body and soul only is called discretionary knowledge. After the death, body is buried or burnt but the soul goes to another world.

Hence, we should believe – soul is different, body is different.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 2/1/6

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