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One better than another

One better than another

सूरं मण्णइ अप्पाणं,
जाव जेयं न पस्सति

Man believes himself brave until he does not see the conqueror

This world is full of people all around, who are one better than the other. Someone is better in beauty, someone in education, someone in wealth and someone in power.

In power also, someone is stronger than millions but weaker than thousands because the world is very large. For each good, one better is available. In such a condition, finding oneself better than others confined to one’s locality and believing oneself to be the best of the world is a mistake. Someday if one happens to come across a man better than him then his pride would get shattered. Therefore, wise men never boast of their abilities.

Those who boast, they are indiscreet. Such persons believe themselves to be brave until they do not see someone braver.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/3/1/1

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