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Eyes are needed

Eyes are needed

सूरोदये पासति चक्खुणेव

Even after sunrise, one needs eyes to see

Even if a mirror were there, a blind man cannot see his face. To see one’s face eyes are required.

Scriptures may be there; then also one who does not have intelligence, he cannot understand them. To understand them, intelligence is needed.

Enlightened gurudevas preach everyone equally; but, depending on subsidence of his karma, a disciple understands that much only.

Raindrop falls in an oyster and in the mouth of a serpent also; but at one place, it becomes a pearl and at another place, poison. Before falling, it is of the same purity; but depending upon the receptacle it transforms accordingly.

Result of preaching also depends upon the listener’s potential, ability and intelligence. Even in the congregation of Tirthankaras, only potential people (bhavyas) are able to think of their beneficence, not the non-potentials (abhavayas).

Even after sunrise, our own eyes are needed to see.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/14/13

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