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Eye of the aspirant

Eye of the aspirant

से हु चक्खु मणुस्साणं,
जे कंखाए य अन्तए

One who has overcome desires, he is the eye of men

One who has controlled his desires, one who is not at all attached to the objects of senses, that man only can be without expectations, without favors and is unselfish. Therefore, he gets full authority to show the spiritual path to aspirants. Aspirants can pursue the path shown by him and attain their aim. Such people neither have attachment, nor aversion or deceit; neither a thought of ownership, nor poverty; neither arrogance, nor cowardice, nor cruelty.

He is filled with equanimity, is a man of exemplary conduct, a preacher, and a man of few words. His inner soul is always filled with the pure desire – ‘may all beings be happy.’ Since he is able to guide rightly on the path of spiritual progress, we can call that great man as ‘the eye of the aspirants.’

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/15/14

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