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Extinction of accumulated karma

Extinction of accumulated karma

तुट्टन्ति पावकम्माणि
नवं कम्ममकुव्वओ

One who does not bind new karma, his past karma are annihilated

Whatever we eat does not go out through the doors of the body organs. Some of it goes out as rejects and some sticks to the intestines and what is absorbed there produces many sicknesses. Health consultants say that we should give rest to the stomach once in a week through fasting. When new intakes do not go in the stomach then deposited dirt will also come out.

Exactly same logic applies here also. What results will accrue to the one who does not bind new karma and daily conducts himself in such a way that new karma are not formed? It will happen that previously accumulated karma would also slowly-slowly get annihilated and one such day will come that he would destroy all his karma and becoming an omniscient will attain moksha.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/15/6

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