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Do not laugh at

Do not laugh at

न यावि पे परिहास कुज्जा

A wise man should not laugh at someone

Cough is the root of disease. Laughter is the root of quarrel. If tauntingly Draupadi would not have said to Duryodhana that blind man sons’ also behave blindly, may be Mahabharata might not have been enacted.

Sometimes, we see that while joking two friends become great enemies and are ready to kill each other. Where a moment before feeling of goodwill for each other was reigning, there only ill-will against each other, aversion and envy rule. What is the cause of such consequence, if not laughing at someone?

Those who are wise, experienced and far sighted they reflect on the effects before saying or uttering anything. If there is a possibility of ill effect they keep mum. They are aware that the consequence of making fun of someone is not advisable and hence they avoid such occasions.

Enlightened men have rightly said that one should not laugh at someone’s expense.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra

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  1. Dilip Parekh
    May 31, 2016 #

    ઘોડો ભાંગ્યો ઠેકતા, મન ભાંગ્યું કવેણ,
    મોટી ભાંગ્યું વીન્ઘતા એને નહિ સાંધો કે રેણ.

  2. Dilip Parekh
    May 31, 2016 #

    एक ने पूछा कि “जीवन कैसे अच्छा हो?”
    संत : “एक तो मधुर बोलिए, दूसरा कि किसी के अवगुण प्रगट ना करे और तीसरा अपने अवगुण को दूर करके सदगुण को अपनाया करे।”

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