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Four followers (sravakas)

Four followers (sravakas)

चत्तारि समणोवासगा-अद्दागसमाणे,
पडागसमाणे, ठाणुसमाणे, खरकंटगसमाणे

Devotees are of four kinds: like a mirror (of pure heart), like a flag (with a fickle mind), like a stump (perverted) and like a thorn (abusive)

Faithfuls who believe in Sadhus and worship them are called devotees or sravakas.

Some sravakas are of pure heart like a clean mirror in which their face is clearly reflected.

Some sravakas are fickle like a flag. Their faith is not firm. Sometimes, they believe in one theory; sometimes in another which could be opposite to the first.

Some sravakas are of fixed opinion like a stump. If someone were to give them donkey’s tail to hold, then they would not leave that how much ever you try to dissuade them.

Some sravakas are very offensive. Their speech pricks like sharp thoms. They excel in taunting others.

Thus, there are four types of devotees.

- Sthananga Sutra 4/3

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