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Ask and then take

Ask and then take

अणुविय गेण्हियव्वं

Anything must be taken with permission only

Taking anything without asking and using that is a type of theft. Jokingly, few people hide friends’ things and while he is disturbed and searches for that, they laugh and return the same to him.

Conversely, intentions of few people are bad only. In the name of enjoying, they hide the things and think that if found out they will say – ‘it was hidden for fun only’ and if not found, they would become owner of that thing. In reality, such people are thieves only.

This pertains to family men. As far as Sadhu-Sadhvis are concerned, they have renounced all; from the moment they became Sadhu or Sadhvi, nothing remains their own i.e. they are not attached to anything. Therefore, before using anything they must take permission from its owner. It has been enjoined that even a blade of grass should be taken with consent only.

- Prasnavyakarana 2/3

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