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Jiv Vichar – Gatha 8

Jiv Vichar   Gatha 8

जीवा मुत्ता संसारिणो य, तस थावरा य संसारी|
पुढवी जल जलण वाउ, वणस्सई थावरा नेया||
In this stanza, the fifth and final type of sthavara jiva i.e. vanaspatikaya jiva are defined and explained.

VANASPATIKAYA : Vanaspatikaya jiva are living beings that have vegetable or flora as their own bodies, also known as vegetal bodies.

Now vanaspatikaya are classified into two groups as stated in the Jain scriptures:

i. Sadharana vanaspatikaya
ii. Pratyeka vanaspatikaya

Sadharana vanaspatikaya means infinite souls sharing a common single body, wherein infinite living beings are integrated in one single body, also known as anantakaya.

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  1. Bhavini Doshi
    Jun 28, 2014 #

    Dear Sir,

    In this document on Jiv Vichar, we are getting explanations with pictures from Gatha No. 1 to 8 only, whereas I am keen to get the complete document with pictures for all 50 Gathas.

    Please advice if there is some technical fault or that the complete document is not uploaded.

    I will look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks and with best regards,

    Jai Jinendra,

    Bhavini Doshi
    New Delhi

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