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Speak not, if asked not

Speak not, if asked not

अपुच्छिओ न भासेज्जा, भासमाणस्स अन्तरा

Without permission, one should not speak in between

Courtesy demands that the listener should keep quiet until the speech of the speaker is not completed. This principle is to be particularly borne in mind when deliberation or disputation is going on.

By speaking in between or cutting him in between, we will not be able to understand the significance of his speech and half heard speech can be replied only partially. Hence, it is not satisfactory.

Again, speaking in between the speaker’s presentation makes him irritated and he reciprocates likewise. Thus, both are unhappy and then ignoring the subject at hand they accuse each other and start quarreling. To escape the evil consequences of such situations, we must follow the prescribed rules.

Speaking without being asked is a sign of pride; speaking when invited is a sign of wisdom.

Hence, we should not speak until invited to speak.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/47

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