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Know and then speak

Know and then speak

जमट्ठं तु न जाणेज्जा, एवमेयंति नो वए

Until full information is not available on a subject, do not say,“This is this only”

Until we do not have full information on a subject, we should not say anything with surety. Otherwise, when the listener comes to know about the reality from other sources, then our position would become laughable. People will never believe us. Having lost faith, they would not listen to our right information also and even if they were to listen, they would not believe us. Thus, aim of our speech would be lost.

So, it would be better that on any subject of which we are doubtful, unsure, we should not use language of certainty e.g. ‘this is this only’; or else, if the listeners were faithful, we would become guilty of misleading them. This will make us as well as others fall. As blind men cannot show the path to other blind men; similarly, an ignorant cannot guide an other ignorant.

We must always understand ourselves first, and then speak.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 7/8

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