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Victory lies in winning the mind

Victory lies in winning the mind

इमेण चेव जुज्झाहि,
किं ते जुज्झेण बज्झओ ?

Fight with the internal perversions, what is the benefit of fighting externally?

Proverb – ‘Sweets are not distributed in war!’ It means that war does not produce any benefit. Both the sides lose only – one a little more, the other a little less. Still, as per the proverb ‘the buffalow is his who has the stick’; powerful only wins and there is no rule that the powerful will stand by justice. Tyrant and unjust can win the war due to might.

Therefore, the spiritual people say that man should avoid external war. Man wants peace. War is opponent of peace; therefore, for peace loving it is proper to keep away from war. Nevertheless, according to psychologists war is the basic nature; hence, one cannot always keep away from war also. What to do under such conditions? Spiritualists have given a beautiful answer to this. According to them a person has to fight with his own mind so that perversions are not generated. It is also said, ‘Mind’s defeat is defeat; mind’s victory is victory.’

- Acaranga Sutra 1/5/3

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