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Value the time

Value the time

अणभिक्कंतं च वयं संपेहाए,
खणं जाणाहि पंडिए

Wise man! Seeing the remaining age, realize the importance of time – understand the value of opportunity

A diamond is also valuable and a stone also; but there is great difference in the value of both of them. Diamond is invaluable because there is no value for that. The value of time is also like a diamond. Time spent does not revert. Even after paying of million of rupees, age cannot be extended even for a moment. This only is the pricelessness of time. Not knowing this, whatever has been spent due to laziness, has been spent; but even now also what is remaining can be utilized properly.

Wise men advice that the remaining life must be put to use for pious works so that the present is not wasted as the past; and the value of future is understood. Realize the value of time.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/1

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