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Think before you speak

Think before you speak

अणुवीइभासी से निग्गंथे

He only is a Sadhu, who thinks before speaking

Speech or conversation determines who is ignorant and who is intelligent. What is the difference in between the two? Difference is that the ignorant speaks first and then only thinks; but the intelligent thinks first and then speaks.

Those who are unattached – devoid of knots of attachment and aversion – such Sadhus, before opening their mouth, keep mum for sometime and then think of the effect, while speaking or what he would be speaking, their speech would have on the heart of their listeners. He speaks only with the belief that his speech would have good effect; otherwise, he keeps quiet.

Through this maxim, it has been said that only by renouncing home or family and donning Sadhu’s dress, one does not become a Sadhu, if he continues to speak whatever comes to his mind. They only are Sadhus, who always think before speaking.

- Acaranga Sutra 2/3/15/2

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  1. Dilip Parekh
    Apr 7, 2016 #

    वाणी ऐसी बोलिए मनका आपा खोल /
    ओरनको शीतल करे, आप ही शीतल होय //

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