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Sense gratification

Sense gratification

कामेसु गिद्धा निचयं करेन्ति

Man of sense gratification hinds karma

Among the five senses, objects of sense of seeing and hearing are called ‘kama’ e.g. beautiful picture, drama, cinema, attractive sight and dance etc.; sensual stories, poetry, film songs, different musical instruments, self-praise, melodious voice of man or woman (alluring speech of woman for man, and enticing speech of man for woman) etc., are subjects of eye and ear. To continue to think about them and the way to acquire them, day and night, is a sign of sensuality.

Remaining different objects of senses of smell, taste and touch like fragrance of flowers, taste of sweets, intercourse are called bhoga. Attached to these also man commits sins. These cause bondage of karma and man continue to stay in the cycle of birth and death. Hence, warning the aspirants, wise men have said that the main reason of karma bondage is -attachment to kama or bhoga!

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/2

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