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Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss

लाभुत्ति न मज्जिज्जा, अलाभुत्ति न सोइज्जा

One should not be ecstatic at profit and sad at loss

Efforts result in two-way consequences only – profit or loss. Successful efforts result in profits and unsuccessful efforts in loss. Profits encourage working more and losses discourage; but in both the situations, one more bad result emanates. In profit, one is overjoyed, he thinks himself great and in loss, he becomes sad, thinks low of him. Thus, both pride and sadness become hindrance in his efforts – they do not allow him to work him with his full strength.

An intelligent aspirant keeps himself away from pride and sadness. In both the circumstances, he restrains his mental dispositions – whether there is profit or loss.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/5

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