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Look Within

Look Within

जो अणण्णदंसी से अणण्णारामे

One who sees within, he does not see happiness elsewhere and one who does not see happiness elsewhere, he sees within

One who sees within or the person who does not see anything else is ananyadarsi. Such a person does not wander about anywhere. Hence he is known as ananyarama.

The person who does not look for happiness in others or lifeless things, he is known as ananyarama. This type of person is known as ananyadarsi.

Thus, these definitions make them great. An ascetic who has acquired the experience of spiritual happiness, does not care about external pleasures. One who has tasted the nectar, why will he wish for milk?

However, spiritual happiness is not easy to get for everyone. To acquire that one has to necessarily look within. If we want to get away from others, let us first look within.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/6

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    Know Thyself and you will be free.

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