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I am alone

I am alone

एगे अहमसि, न मे अत्थि कोई,
न वाऽहमवि कस्स वि

I am alone, no body is mine and I also do not belong to anyone

This world is like a great lake in which living beings come floating like straw from here and there, meet, and stay together for some time and with the blow of wind (at the push of death) again get scattered here and there.

Like the travelers who meet together at a river shore to cross the river and after reaching the other shore, they disperse and go to their respective destinations, or like the railway travelers who sit together in one compartment and after reaching their stations get down and walk away; similarly, in the world, people continuously meet and part. Pleasure at being together and sadness at separation is the result of ignorance.

To strengthen their detached propensities, the aspirants should think thus – No body is mine and I also do not belong to anyone because I am alone.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/8/6

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