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Do not lick the spitted

Do not lick the spitted

से मइमं परिय मा य हु लालं पच्चासी

Wise aspirant should not lick the spitted i.e. not desire those which have been renounced

When with open eyes an aspirant sees that in this world after sense gratification people become sick, call on the doctors and pay their hefty bills and still are not able to get rid of diseases completely; one after another disease strikes them, then they get a little mentally disgruntled. If in this position, he is fortunate to listen to the saints who have renounced the world, then he may also forsake the sensuous objects and accept the life of an ascetic.

However, experiencing the inconveniences of the austere life and remembering the past sensual pleasure, forgetting the sickening nature of enjoyment, he once again wishes for fulfillment of desires. To keep him steadfast on the renounced path, wise men say that the aspirants should not think of enjoying the renounced objects of senses – not lick the spitted.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/5

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  1. Mangal Bahnshali
    Aug 2, 2018 #

    Jay Jinendra

    How can I purchase the copy of all the agmas (Like Acaranga Sutra, Uttardhaayan Sutra etc) published in either English or Hindi?

    I am also looking for Adhyatm Kalpdrum by Acharya Shri Munisunder Suriji, or at least its Bhavanuvad in Hindi.

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