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Hide not the strength

Hide not the strength

नो निह्नवेज्ज वीरियं

One should not hide his strength

Those who are powerful, they should use their power for protection of others.

Those who are intelligent, they should use their intelligence in quelling the fight others may be engaged in.

Those who are artists, they should use their art in enhancing the wholesome happiness of others.

Those who are specialists, they should use their specialty in removing others’ ignorance.

Those who are rich, they should use their richness in helping the poor.

Those who are legal pundits – advocates, they should use their advocacy in freeing the innocent from false allegations.

Those who are brave, they should use their bravery in making others courageous.

It implies that all men must use their strength, intelligence, education, art, wealth,etc.for the betterment of others. Never hide your strength.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/5/3

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