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Distressed seer

Distressed seer

आयंकदंसी न करेइ पावं

One who has experienced pain does not commit sins

Where is the man in this world who is not distressed? Everyone suffers with some pain or another. Pain of birth, old age and death are certain for everyone; but apart from this sickness, sorrow, separation, insult, hurt, jealousy, abuse, ugliness, bad odor, tasteless food, rough touch, bondage, poverty, reproach, scolding, running here and there etc., are hundreds of pain through which men are continuously distressed, experiencing uneasiness and restlessness.

Sinful conduct or unrestrained actions only are the foundation of all our sorrow. One who is able to reflect on the different pains experienced by worldly beings, he would strive to keep himself away from such sins and work for earning virtues instead of vices.

Pain is also called ‘atanka’; therefore, one who reflects on these pains is called ‘distressed-seer’. Wise men have said that an experienced man (atanka-seer) may do many good deeds, but not commit sins.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/2

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