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Be equipoise

Be equipoise

जहा पुण्णस्स कत्थई, तहा तुच्छस्स कत्थई|
जहा तुच्छस्स कत्थई, तहा पुण्णस्स कत्थई|

As is told to the virtuous, so is told to man of vice and as is told to the vice man so is told to the virtuous

Unattached preacher preaches the rich man in the same way as he preaches a poor man; and he preaches the poor in the same way as he preaches a rich man. It means that in his attitude there is no difference in between a rich and a poor man. He preaches all in the same way.

A preacher must be equipoise. Preaching is not a thing for sale so that you preach better only where you get more money and where you get less money or less recognition, you preach ordinarily. A preacher should be equipoise for all categories of listeners.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/6

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