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The Withered Flowers who didn’t Confess

The Withered Flowers who didnt Confess
Rajja Sadhvi drunk unboiled water

Rajja Sadhvi was affected by leprosy. One of the sadhviji asked her, “How did this disease infect you?” She replied, “I am infected due to the heat caused by drinking boiled water.” She consealed the fact that her illness was due to her past sins. In fact, she had consumed heavy foods which disturbed her digestive system and led to this disease. By hearing such explanation from their guru, other sadhvijis also followed her and started drinking unboiled water.

One of her disciple kept her mind firm & didn’t follow her. She firmly believed that the path shown by Lord Arihant cannot lead to any diseases. Diseases disturb the balance of the mind. If any disease arrives or increases, it causes a hindrance in devotion, so how can lord show such a path? In every drop of her blood there was a faith for the preachings of God. She tried to convince other sadhvijis in different ways but due to the fear of leprosy they weren’t convinced.

The Withered Flowers who didnt Confess
The young sadhviji remorsed, “O Lord! It’s the result of my sins due to which these sadhvijis are not believing me, even though I am telling the truth.” Thus by repenting, self-criticizing & performing several other worships, she attained Kevalgyan i.e. omniscience. Later, deities came to admire this Kevalgyani. At that time other sadhvijis felt that they had committed a great mistake. They confessed in the presence of Kevalgyani & became pure by taking atonement. Rajja sadhvi did not confess, therefore she had to take several births. Thus everyone should confess & undertake atonement.

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