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Kalavati’s wrists were cut-off

Kalavatis wrists were cut off
In her previous birth, Kalavati detached the wings of a parrot. She enjoyed the act and the agony of the parrot. She did not confess it. In the subsequent birth, the parrot became a king & Kalavati his queen. One day seeing her armlets, her friend asked, “Where did you get the armlets from?” The queen replied, “It is sent by a person who remains in my heart forever & in whose heart I do. Seeing him, my joy knows no bounds.” The King over heard this secretly & doubted her character. He thought, “Does my wife hold a bad character? Her mind is somewhere else; perhaps she is devoted to the person who has sent these ornaments.” The king became very angry & ordered his soldiers, “Take the pregnant queen to the forest & cut off her wrists along with the armlets & bring them to me.” The soldiers carried out his orders and returned with her armlets. The queen gave birth to a male child. Being impressed with her good conduct & character, a deity cured & restored her wrists. He also created a palace in the forest.

When the king saw the names of the queen’s brother Jay & Vijay on the armlets, he was remorseful. He searched for her & brought her back to the kingdom with respect. On being asked, Bhagwan Mahavir answered them that it was the consequence of detaching the wings of a parrot as a queen in her previous birth. Hearing this, the king & the queen handed over the kingdom to their son & accepted asceticism.

Eventually, after shedding all her karmas, the queen attained salvation. As she did not confess for the sin in her previous birth, her wrists were cut-off & she had to suffer a lot. So, one should not hesitate to confess.

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  1. Bharat shah
    Nov 3, 2014 #

    Nice small story good job now we can forward to who do not know Hindi well


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