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Chitrak and Sambhuti were born to a butcher

Chitrak and Sambhuti were born to a butcher
Once, a muni was passing through the forest. In the afternoon, he lost his way and fell unconscious. Four cow-herds, grazing their cows over there, saw this from a distance. They came near him and found that his lips were dry. They assumed him to be thirsty and extracted milk from a cow and poured into his mouth. The muni attained consciousness. He preached them that, “Our soul is wandering in the forest of this world. Asceticism is the only way to free ourselves from pains.” All of them gained faith and accepted monkhood and two of them achieved omniscience and salvation.

The other two muni thought that, “How can one become pure without taking a bath?. Why should we keep our clothes muddy?”. By these thoughts they acquired the karmas of gaining birth in a lower caste. They didn’t confess for the same and after death, took birth as Chitrak and Sambhuti.

Both of them had a melodious voice which attracted a huge crowd of people and ladies in particular. The king considered this to be a cause of misdeeds in future therefore exiled both of them.

Endorsed with grievance, both of them attempted to commit suicide by jumping from a mountain. A muni arrived over there and explained them the prominence of human life. Both of them accepted asceticism and visited different towns and villages.

They arrived at Hastinapur and went for Gochari at the end of a months fast. The minister of emperor Sanatumar, Namuchi, remembered his enemity and ordered to remove them out of the town. Sambhuti muni couldn’t tolerate this insult and prepared himself to throw tejoleshya (a destructive power) on Namuchi. Flames of fire emerged out from his mouth. People were afraid seeing this. Emperor Sanatkumar apologized before the muni alongwith minister Namuchi. Chitrak muni also advocated Sambhuti muni to cool down and he did forgive them. Both the munis realized that they had to do many unrighteous deeds only for the survival of their body. As a remedy to this both of them observed a severe fast in the forest.

People praised their penance. Hearing this, the chief queen came to bow the munis alongwith 1,92,000 other queens. While bowing, her hair touched the feet of Sambhuti muni. By the touch of her hair, infatuation arose in his mind and he decided that, “If I am eligible to the benefit of my penance and self control, I should have a queen like her.” Chitrak muni persuaded him to confess but he didn’t pay attention to his advice and said, “Whatever I have uttered is my firm decision which is not going to change, so don’t discuss anything about this.” Chitrak muni gave up and remained quiet. After death both of them went to heaven. The soul of Chitrak became the son of King Shrenik of Purimatal and Sambhuti was born as Brahmadutt, emperor of Kampilapur. Brahmadutt went to the 7th hell after his death.

Thus, if he would have confessed in his previous birth, he wouldn’t have suffered.

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