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In absence of right faith

In absence of right faith

नत्थि चरित्तं सम्मत्तविहूणं

Right conduct cannot be praciiced in absence ol right faith

Samyakatva means right faith. To know what is good conduct and what is bad conduct. What is consequence of good deeds and what of the evil deeds? Who did what, under what circumstances, and what did he get in return? To tell these only scriptures are composed so that those who study the scriptures or those who listen to them could keep away from misdemeanor and try to adopt good conduct and get inspiration to practice in their life.

Through the medium of scriptures or our own experience when we realize that the results of good deeds are good and of evil deeds bad, then surely our faith would be firm on good performance and lost on misdemeanor.

Faith on good behavior only is called samyaktva. Everyone who wants to improve his life, by purifying wants to attain the supreme has to adopt this. Because he knows pretty well that without this, he cannot practice good conduct.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 28/26

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