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See others as self

See others as self

आयओ बहिया पास

Enlightened people have shown a way to shield ourselves from all types of misconduct through which we can judge virtue and vice, violence and nonviolence, pious and impious deeds.

What is that method? You must be eager to know that. It is – see others as self. If anyone deceives us, we feel sad. Likewise, others also experience the same. Knowing this truth, how can we try to cheat or deceive others? If anyone were to quarrel or rob us of our wealth, we feel bad; others also feel similarly. Those who know this, they can neither fight nor steal other’s property. As we dislike death, so also others dislike the same.

Hence, enlightened say that treat everyone equally to escape from violence see all the beings as self.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/3

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  1. Toral shah
    Mar 15, 2016 #

    Yes very true. All are aatmas like I am. So all jeevs are one and same

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