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Where does religion stay ?

Where does religion stay ?

सोही उज्जुअभूयस्स, धम्मो सुद्धस्स चिट्ठइ

A simple soul can get pure and in the pure soul only religion stays

One who is simple, his soul only is pure. Opposite to this, one who is crooked, his soul being pure, is not possible.

A simple man can be duped, deceived, tricked; but he will never try to mislead, lead astray or hoodwink anyone. Opposite to this, if someone were to dupe a dirty-character person, he would have to sweat that out, it would not be easy to deceive him; but the duper can easily dupe others.

Simple man does not get angry easily and even if he gets angry, he does not abuse. Even if he were to use speech unbecoming of him, he instantly feels ashamed because of purity of his soul.

If someone wants to be pure, he would have to become simple and refrain even from thinking of wickedness. Purity is necessary to become a religious man; because religion can stay only in a pure man.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 3/12

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