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Stealing and Greed

Stealing and Greed

लोभाविले आययइ अदत्तं

A greedy man always indulges in unethical means of living

The thing that is given is known as datta and that which is not given, is adatta. A gentleman believes in taking only those things, which are given, and not which are not given.

Things that are not given are owned by their owners only, not by others. That is why taking any thing, which is not given, is crime. If we require anything urgently, we should take the permission from its rightful owner. Taking anything without permission is not proper whether it is an ordinary or a precious thing.

In normal language, taking anything which is not given is called stealing. We do not like anyone taking our things without our permission or stealing them.

Similarly, even others do not like anyone stealing their things. That is why the best will be that all of us live with honesty and not try to steal others belongings.

The person who tries to steal, his soul remains will be tarnished with greediness; that means one who is greedy, steals.

- Uttradhyayana Sutra 32/26

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  1. Amit Sancheti
    Nov 13, 2012 #

    Awesome work… Appreciate the efforts taken

  2. Dilip Parekh
    Oct 24, 2016 #

    इसीलिए लोभ को पाप का बाप बताया गया है. लोभ के वश होकर मनुष्य क्या क्या नहीं करता ? चोरी, लूट, कपट, हिंसा इत्यादि.

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